With over 49,000 registered users in 200 countries. TelecomTV delivered over 250,000 video views with a total of 43,850,000 seconds dwell time and 1.2 million page views to nearly 400,000 unique visitors in 2011 – making it the platform of choice for marketers wishing to reach senior executives in the global ICT sector.

“I have seen the future of trade media, and it’s TelecomTV ...TelecomTV has seized upon this, and chosen a tone of voice that recognizes that it is serving not an audience, or even a readership, but community."
Paul Mottram, Bite Communications

Launched in 2001, TelecomTV has remained at the forefront of digital media content and distribution, fuelling the development of the technologies that drive our digital media platforms across the board.

TelecomTV functionality

  • Discussion boards
  • Group functionality - creation of micro communities within an existing community
  • Intra site messaging - ability for users to message without email
  • Document upload and sharing - ability for users to share documents with a community
  • Event listing - full event listing application including appointment scheduler
  • Content tagging - ability to tag content to a particular subject matter
  • Video upload and sharing - ability for users to share videos with a community
  • RSS feed integration - ability for users to add their own content feeds into a website
  • Creation of dedicated space in the heart of the community - ability for users to create their own "MySpace" in the heart of a relevant community
  • User generated commentary on all of the above - ability for user to generate commentary on any content
  • Live online event platforms - application supporting a live webcast with full user interaction
  • User profiling - ability to search on individuals within a community
  • Next generation of media player - community building tools built into video (patent pending)
  • Next generation ad serving - putting detailed rich media content into the heart of a community without the need for traditional "click through" banner advertising. (patent pending)

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